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Alison Kay
#1 International Bestseller & Founder of The Vibrational Upgrade System

Your Vibration Matters
John Shearer
Australian Mindfulness Master

The Ripple Effect
John Maguire
Founder & Director of the Kinesiology Institute

Your Body's Wisdom
Marla Goldberg
Energy Healer, Intuitive, Speaker
& #1 Bestselling Author

The Power of Forgiveness
Debbi Walker
Founder & Principle of Suara Sound Academy & Founder of the Brittish School of Sound & Energy Medicine

Accessing Your Sacred Self
Bernadette Keogh
Mindfuless Trainer

Finding Your Inner Stillness
Christy Warnick
Spiritual Teacher & Healer

Discovering Who You Are
Steven Webb
Mindfulness Teacher for Difficult Times

The Power of Presence
Amanda Kingsmith
Yogini, Traveler, Podcaster

Explore Your Life
Angela Carpenter
Spiritual Teacher & Intuitive Reader

Becoming Fearless
Alice Irving
Somatic Coach

Your Emotional Hygine
Michelle Lee
Women's Empowerment Coach & Founder of the Sophia Mystery School for Extraordinary Women

 Feminine Creation
Gauri Junnarkar
Clinically Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner

Nourishing Your Soul
Jennifer Ching Lopez
The Blissful Healer

Finding Your Authentic Voice
Contessa Cooper

Loving Your Shadow
Keri Fulmore
Medical Intuitive & Functional Medicine Practitioner

Trusting Your Gut
Helena Reilly
Cofounder of Quantum Sound Therapy &#1 Bestselling Author

Voice Code Affirmation Therapy

Discover More About Your Host - Jen Tews
Jen is an Embodiment Coach. She is known for bringing the life force back to the body and making joy a natural human state. Jen is a yoga practitioner and teacher of the body code. Through yoga, she activates the bodies DNA to bring the body into harmony and true resonance to bring the true expression of who you are to the surface.

In Jen’s many years of deepening her practice, her activation into the body code came when she found herself outwardly accomplished, but inwardly dead, and began searching for what truly brought joy to her life and brought life back to the body.

What followed was a process that opened her heart and experiences and created a life she always dreamed of ... and more. That is why Dara Tree Yoga was born.
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